"The Icelandic pianist had in fact invited us to the concert of the year? No, even that reference fails to do justice to the performance. It's necessary to look farther back to recall a true parallel to this unforgettable experience."
C.G. .Ahlen,Svenska Dagbladet,Stockholm.

"Edda Erlendsdotttir performs theese mysterious works (C.P.E.Bach's piano music) with a great sense of delicate phrasing and breathing .She knows how to play with expressive and tense silences. Her gracefull and discreet playing is at its best in meditative movements but gives nevertheless a joyfull tone to merry pages. "
M.Laise, Repertoire, Paris

""Edda Erlendsdottir played the Grieg concerto with self control and mastery but also with a dramatic lyrism. Her sound is wonderfull, her playing is full of energy""
A. Mason, Dagbladid, Reykjavik

" Edda Erlendsdottir is an outstanding pianist, self-assured and very musical. Her convincing and contrasted playing translates the beauty of the music in a very personnal way."
J.Asgeirsson, Morgunbladid, Reykjavik

"Icelandic pianist steals show at Forum...The highlight of the concert was Edda Erlendsdottir world-travelled pianist from Iceland who played the Grieg Concerto in A minor"
R. Ross,Patriot news, Harrisburg.

"Edda Erlendsdottir is one of the few pianists recognizable within a few seconds from the curves of her phrasing, her spurts, her punch"
D de C., L'Impartial, Swiss

"There is a good case-as here-for playing C.P.E. Bach on a Steinway (...) her performances admirably articulate its waywardness.The generous playing time (74 mn) enhances an issue especially welcome in giving us sonatas of Bach not otherwise available."
S. Jenner,Piano Journal, London